Request for Blessings and Help

by Rev. Doju Dinajara Freire

I Honor the Cosmic Harmony. I bow before you and invoke your blessing. 

Oh Mother,

Oh Father,

Oh Sacred Space of Non-Separation

The time has come to be transformed and to transform all things for the better

The time for humility has come, offering us a way to learn, to see as well as to listen

The time has come for true awareness of the interconnection of all 

In this time, we humans face an army of crowned microorganisms very capable of bringing upon us inconceivable and unprecedented burdens

In this time, their power throws humanity into an unknown vortex of evolutionary intensity, filled with risks and pain, uncertainty and fear. But equally it brings unspoken precious and excellent gifts such as the awakening in us to respect all Life, respect for Mother Earth, and for every human being and our own role within the cosmic game we are all a part of.

In this time, today, these numerous microscopic crowns frighten and swiftly annihilate many thousands of human lives, but also annihilates our ignorance and pride, the arrogance we held of thinking we are in control and wasting what does not belong to us.

In this time, now, while we are fragile and completely stripped of illusory certainties, rest in the finality, in the Time that makes us stop and the Space that reveals our fragility and human unity.

Oh Mother,

Oh Father,

Oh Sacred Space of Non-Separation

We need blessings and help because the lesson is difficult and the timing is perfect. 

We do not want to make mistakes! 

We cannot make mistakes!

The present and future of our loved ones and everyone has already changed and we cannot doubt it!

Please help us to proceed in a sane and healthy manner, help us put the army of the crowned virus to rest — our brothers who are also sons of Mother Earth — their extraordinary effort, towards which I feel compassion, is immense and painful!

Please be a Light for everyone – Humanity and crowned virus – showing us the way so that we may complete the evolutionary transformation that the universe is forcing upon us, and the rest can disperse their heavy load without doing further damage!

May this frightening vortex become the the dance of vitality instead!

May the deceased follow in peace and rest assured by the Love to which we entrust them!

May those who heal and save lives in hospitals be blessed forever!

May the survivors never forget that we have been allowed to go on – transformed into more conscious and better human beings than before!


On the occasion of the 2020 pandemic inflicted by the coronavirus on humans on the planet.

(Prayer written by Doju Dinajara Freire by the kind request of Kesang Marstrand)