Essential Conversations, Brooklyn, NY 2020

We met for brunch on a freezing cold Saturday morning in Brooklyn. This was back in February, when we could still gather together at a table, meet face to face, and spend time in each other’s presence. There was this feeling in the room of being with family. As we talked, some of the themes that came up were around spirituality being commercialized. How mindfulness is a thing now, but what does that mean without a spiritual foundation? How spiritual communities are often homogeneous and do not seek to understand why or to actively welcome diversity. We also explored ideas around wellness, self-care, and how to stay sane when you are on call 24/7. There were a lot of shared experiences, laughter, and even tears.

The idea was simple. We wanted to bring together a small group of spiritual teachers and practitioners to share their stories with each other. To break bread, connect, and talk about the things that matter most to them.

Thank you for being the beautiful, courageous souls that we have the privilege to support and be with. Leslie Booker, Adam Bucko, Justin von Bujdoss, Allegra Lovejoy, Gopal Patel, Monique Schubert, and NaRon Tillman. Thank you for your work and for being part of a new generation of spiritual teachers and practitioners who are doing things a bit differently. Thank you for helping to remind us, our traditions, and our communities, that spirituality is for everyone, equally, and completely. Thank you for your willingness to be uncomfortable for the sake of truth and positive transformation. Thank you for being of service to humanity. Thank you. 

Essential Conversations is a new program by the Global Peace Initiative of Women. The intention is to create a safe space as well as a brave space, where people can connect and collaborate. To bring together individuals who seek to be of service to others, and to find ways to support and amplify their gifts.

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