Message from AFRICA on the state of the EARTH

In March 2012, Chief Tamale Bwoya joined GPIW’s 10 year anniversary gathering in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya at the Gallmann Nature Conservancy. This gathering included many members of the GPIW global network committed to the protection and restoration of Earth’s community of life—many of the participants that gathered are active contributors to the spiritual/faith, social and environmental sectors. As one of the delegates to the gathering, Chief Tamale received a special spiritual message on the fate of the human community and natural world that he was instructed to share with the group. The message, now titled the Revelation at Laikipia, is documented and shared by…/revelation-laikipia-kenya

Since receiving the Revelation at Laikipia, Chief Tamale travels to the mountains of the Buganda Kingdom in Uganda, deep in the heart of nature, to commemorate the message of the revelation and honor the sacredness of the natural world the first week of March each year. Below he shares the experience from his reflection and meditation in March 2016.


Nature recommends that the Chiefs should put more effort in cultivating grassroots values by sensitizing indigenous communities in methods that preserve and conserve the environment, in order to encourage and help them awaken the silent values that supreme nature created to heal the earth.

Nature reveals that there are indigenous communities still existing, like the Aboriginal Australians, the Native Americans and Inuit people who still have hidden esoteric human values that can help to heal the Earth and to accelerate the reconciliation campaign.  Otherwise, targeting world leaders to make international climatic control policies alone may not effectively help to bring about the desired climatic reconciliation results before the situation goes out of control.

Nature reveals that the climatic problems and relationship between man and nature started falling apart during the time of an empire called Mesopotamia. One of the kings that ruled that empire had a lot of natural powers; he had the ability to appear in physical form as well as to disappear.  Because of his desire to conquer the surrounding kingdoms or states, he resorted to cultivating spiritual beings underneath the earth, which he then introduced to the surface of earth to help him overrun the surrounding states and to expand his empire.  These spiritual beings God created for a different duty and in another world. Naturally not meant to mix with human nature.

These spiritual beings introduced new wisdom and abilities to man. The character of greed and dominance of man toward his fellow man later spread to the vulnerable world societies.  Man discovered things he couldn’t have known otherwise, and the desire grew to make empires and later colonize other communities.  This was greatly facilitated by the super abilities introduced by the foreign spiritual beings to overrun other powerful spiritual communities across the globe.

The spiritual Chief should find a way to isolate and remove all foreign spiritual beings that were not created to work with human nature back to their original world.  Otherwise, it will be very difficult to secure this planet as integral, peaceful and harmonized.  In my spiritual knowledge and to other spiritual experts elsewhere, once nature reveals such information indicating the source of a problem that problem can be solved through a collective effort by all the Chiefs guiding their communities.

During my meditation retreat, in prayer, I requested nature to reveal how much of the planet Earth still holds to support life. On the same day and time as when the Revelation at Laikipia was received, 3:30 a.m., I received an answer as an image that showed a circle with 2/3 not active and only 1/3 still natural and supporting life.  The 2/3, however, is also still consuming the elements of life with so little contribution.  Physically, I felt a bit feverish with a lot of heat generated internally. Then I realized what scientists call global warming to be manifesting in me as an indicator of what is happening with the earth.   As supreme nature instructed me in Laikipia during the first Revelation, it was communicated again that: “This message is not for you. Record it, you have to tell them.”  In the same way, I share here again all that I received during the meditation retreat. I hope this message will guide the Chiefs and the world community in the struggle to save life, and in fulfilling the purpose of our existence in the most beneficial way.  In my own assessment, there are positive signs that our human effort to change what we have created is registering gradual progress.

Finally, nature reveals that in our generation, traditional values and religious values will get united.  Environmentally supportive and sustainable values will emerge out of that collaboration with scientific interpretation.  This is already evident.  Different religions are forming interreligious councils and indigenous Spiritual Chiefs are now invited to participate in their religious activities.

In September 2014, I was honored to be invited by the Union Theological Seminary in the United States, among other indigenous leaders for a conference on Climate Change.  Similarly, last year I was invited to a conference on land grabbing and just governance in Africa, which took place at the Jumuia Conference Center in Nairobi, Kenya and was organized by the Symposium for Episcopal conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM), the Africa Faith and Justice network (AFJN), the Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN), and the International Alliance of Catholic Development Agencies (CIDSE).

I was honored to make a keynote address on the conference theme from an African spiritual perspective.  In my view, this effort toward inclusion of the indigenous perspective is a big progress towards harmonizing our human differences, and brings us closer to the true purpose of love and oneness for which God created us.

Thank you, may peace be with you all.

Chief Tamale Bwoya Kingdom of Buganda , East Africa.

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